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Adopting a Less-Adoptable Pet

Did you know there are animals in shelters who are passed over for adoption time and time again not because they aren’t loving or wouldn’t be a wonderful member of your family but because of their age, physical disabilities, or because they are different. We want to address some common misconceptions people have about these animals and why they could be the perfect pet for you and your family.

Seniors Misconception – If you have an older pet you will have to spend more on veterinary care and you can’t train them. Fact – An older animal does not necessarily have costly medical issues especially if they receive routine wellness check-ups to make sure they stay healthy. This is true of any pet at any age, prevention is always preferable and less costly than letting a problem develop. The old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” just is not true. Older pets can be taught new commands. And there is no housebreaking or destructive chewing that comes with younger animals. Bottom line – seniors make loving and faithful companions.

Special Needs – Pets with physical disabilities or a chronic illness (chronic meaning persisting for a long time, for example diabetes). Misconception – Pets with special needs require a lot of time and effort to care for them and they cost a lot because they are always at the vet. Fact – Sometimes this is true but many animals with special needs just need to take medication and see a vet every so often to check their condition. They are loyal and loving additions to their forever families.

Breeds with a Bad Reputation – Many dogs have been judged simply on the basis of their breed or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the public’s perception of that breed. Over generalization, all pit bulls are mean or all dalmations are hard to control. Film and television also portray many of these breeds in roles that perpetuate these beliefs. Many of these animals are affectionate and gentle and would make loyal and loving companions.

Black coat – Sadly, many animals with black fur are left in shelters while those with coats of other colors are adopted first. No one knows for certain why this is but in some part it is believed that many people connect the color black with funerals, foreboding and bad things in general. Many times in film and television black dogs are portrayed as attack dogs. Whatever the reason, black cats and dogs make amazing pets and are just as affectionate and loving as their lighter colored counterparts.

They are different – Were you aware that many shelters also have rabbits, hamsters, birds etc. available for adoption. Most people only think of dogs and cats and never consider another type of a pet when in reality a different type of pet may fit a person’s personality or living environment better than a

more traditional pet and these too, can be loving members of your family.

Take the time to truly understand all the changes that will take place for you and your family when you make a commitment to open your heart and home to a new pet. For more information please read our blog post, “Are You Willing."

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