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Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Too cold, too hot? So what do you do if the weather is not cooperating and your dog is going stir crazy and as a result, you are too? We’ve got some suggestions that may entertain both of you while burning off some of Fido’s bottled up energy no matter what the weather is doing.

Mental Stimulation/Boredom Busters

Interactive toy and food puzzles are a great way to relieve boredom and keep your dog’s mental faculties stimulated and developing. For more ideas and how to use these go to Another choice is to teach your dog something new. A well trained dog is a safer dog. When your dog knows and obeys basic commands such as sit, lay and stay you can keep your pet out of danger when their automatic response to a situation would put them into danger. It’s a win-win situation for both of you and can also provide your pet with much needed mental stimulation to keep him active and you sane.

Physical Activity

Run laps around the house or up and down stairs. You can exercise with your pet or use a ball or favorite toy they can chase. A word of caution however. Older dogs, those with arthritis, recovering from surgery etc. should not be involved in some of these activities. Puppies under 1 year of age are still developing and can easily be injured, laps are okay but wait on stair games until they are older. Also if you have hard and/or slippery floors and

stairs skip this suggestion.

Activities that Combine Both

Hide and Seek – Have someone hold your pup until you are hidden or tell him to stay until you are hidden. If he doesn’t know how to stay, reference the previous suggestion about teaching your dog

new things.

Set up an obstacle or agility course in your living room (or wherever). Use chairs, boxes, or whatever else you have on hand. Your dog does not have to run through the course. Walking through it will still provide mental stimulation and problem solving.

Scavenger Hunt – Hide your dog's toys or treats around the house. You can even try wrapping some in old towels so your dog has to dig.

Work on teaching your dog names for each of their toys and then have them go find a specific toy.

These are just a few ideas to help your pup and you being cooped up whether it is winter or summer, these work year round. Remember to always use your best judgement as not every game or exercise we’ve suggested will be the right choice for every pet.

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