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Is Your Pet Drinking Enough Water?

Pet hydration - a lot more is at stake than just giving your pet a drink when they are thirsty. The human body is made up of 60% water and we all know how critical it is for us to drink plenty of water. Your dog or cat's body is made up of 80% water so it is even more important they have access to substantial amounts of fresh water. Dogs and cats can easily become dehydrated especially in extreme temperatures. An animal needs 1 ounce of water for every pound of their weight on a daily basis. Pet parents not only need to provide their pet with fresh water they also need to know how much water their pet is actually consuming. The result of pets not drinking enough water can lead to serious health consequences. Positively, pets who drink enough water experience less urinary tract infections (UTIs), urinary disease. and experience healthy kidney functions by eliminating toxins and waste products. Drinking enough water also helps the body with energy conversion, temperature regulation and fat metabolism. If your pet isn't drinking enough there are some things you can do to encourage them to drink more. A pet fountain is an excellent help because the water is consistently moving which keeps it cleaner, fresher and encourages animals to drink more. Keep water bowls in several places around your house. Humans are able to fulfill some of our water intake needs through the food we eat. Giving dogs and cats some wet food will help or even adding water to their kibble works. You can give them ice cubes or put the ice in their water and they will drink more water as they attempt to fish them out of their bowls. Enjoy your summer and stay hydrated along with your pet.

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