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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

90% of pet owners who have lost or almost lost their beloved pet to suffocation either were unaware of or had never realized the

possibility their pet could suffocate in a chip, snack, cereal, or other food bag until it happened! Hard plastic and cardboard containers are also dangerous. The most likely culprits are soft collapsible, crinkly plastic or mylar-type bags that contain (or have contained) salty, sugary or fatty snacks and foods. When an animal (cats, dogs and wildlife) tries to reach food or crumbs left in the bag they are trapped when they breathe in and the bag creates a vacuum around their nose, mouth, and neck. When you discard any kind of bag, cut the bag twice. Once across the bottom and then up the side. Prevent the unthinkable!

For more information and for ways you can help raise awareness please go to

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