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Your Pet's Safety and Protection

Here at Aztec, we strive to honor our partnership with you to keep your beloved pet(s) safe and protected. To this end we have some tips and resources to help you ensure your furry friend's health and safety.

* Be proactive - Keep up to date on all vaccinations.

* Pet proof your home - When we have small children one of the first things we do is to child proof our homes and property. Having pets is no different. Some potential risks are food packaging that poses a suffocation risk, toxins and choking hazards.

* Identify your pets - Microchip your pet, register the unique chip number and keep your contact information up to date with the company you registered with.

* Emergency Preparedness Plan -For more information read our blog post here.

* Post a Safety Alert Sticker on your outer doors and/or windows. We recommend you post a sticker on or near your front entrance and on your back entrance. Stop by and pick up free stickers at the front desk.

* Learn basic first aid - The American Red Cross offers an online first aid course for pets that covers basic first aid for your cat or dog and how to give care for common emergency situations. Always remember, giving your pet first aid does not take the place of taking your pet to your veterinarian or to an emergency clinic, but it may very well save your pet's life until you can seek professional help. The cost is $25 and you have access to the course indefinitely after completion.

* Four things you should have in your phone –

1. The contact information for your veterinarian.

2. The contact information for the nearest ER.

3. The phone number of an Animal Poison Control Center such as the ASPCA - 888-426-4435.

4. Download the Red Cross Pet First Aid App.

And last, but certainly not least - provide a healthy lifestyle - proper nutrition, fresh water, exercise and regular visits to your veterinarian. Together we can help your beloved friend have a safe and healthy life.

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