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Don't Wait for the Fireworks to Start!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Prepare Your Pets Now!

Fireworks can happen anytime throughout the year not just for the 4th of July and as we all know, they can start a week before and not end until long after the celebrations. Most animals are terrified of the tremendous noise and flashing lights that accompany fireworks and the toll amongst pets and wildlife can be tragic.

It is possible for you to help your pet have a less stressful experience this 4th of July and anytime they are exposed to fireworks the rest of the year. Please note that we said less stressful, not stress free. A pet who reacts in fear to the flash and bang of fireworks will respond to their circumstances with their fight or flight mechanisms triggered and in full force, but you can help them to survive and perhaps have an easier time of it than they would otherwise.

We have put together tips to help your pet this holiday season and one of the best ways to help your pet is to stay home with them. Read on for ideas that are easy and practical and may keep your pet safe.

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