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Lilies And Your Cat


Lilies are extremely poisonous to cats and can be fatal. Easter lilies and other types of lilies are a popular addition in our homes and yards this time of year. All it takes is a little pollen on your cat's fur when she grooms herself, nibbling on any part of the plant or drinking the water in a vase for her to be poisoned. Early signs of lily poisoning include decreased activity, drooling, vomiting and loss of appetite. DO NOT WAIT! Early veterinary treatment is critical! These symptoms start 0 to 12 hours after ingestion. Signs of kidney damage start within 12 to 24 hours after ingestion and include increased urination and dehydration. Kidney failure takes place inside of 24 to 72 hours, leading to death if the cat isn’t treated. Early veterinary treatment greatly improves the cat’s prognosis. However, if treatment is delayed by 18 hours or more after ingestion, the cat will generally have irreversible kidney failure.

For more information,…/lovely-lilies-and-curious-cats-danger…. Be safe and give lilies a pass no matter how beautiful they are.

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